Get Happy and Boost your Health

(Book review that made me happy.)

I felt drawn in from the start with Jane’s introduction and her invitation to ‘imagine you are going on an adventure of a lifetime’. I liked that she emphasised that there’s no right or wrong way to work with the material in the book, that you could read it in a linear way from beginning to end or start where ever you liked, whatever works for you.

I found my self at chapter 7, ‘getting emotional nourishment’, and felt quickly engaged. I was smiling and laughing out loud at some of the real life examples Jane gave, and really resonated with what she writes about the importance of enjoyment and being happy and selfish.  I felt a real resonance with that, which I noted. It makes sense to me, and it’s refreshing, especially when I reflect on the kind of ‘conditioning’ I grew up with, at home, in school, and the kind of ‘normal’ values and attitudes that I was immersed in, and didn’t really question until I was older.

I found different chapters resonated with me at different times, and I could dip in and out of them.  I went onto ‘keeping a journal’ next, and then meandered back to chapter 2 ‘letting go of the past’.

I felt and feel an ‘aliveness’ in the material. It feels like a really good balance of subjective; peoples real experiences, including  Jane’s,  and objective; as in quotes from others work and research, such as e.g. Bruce Lipton and his work with epigenetics.

I would recommend this book highly to anyone who desires, longs to feel more whole, more well, whether you are living with ‘dis-ease’ of any sort, have a recent diagnosis of a ‘named illness/condition’, or just experience some degree of mental /emotional dis-ease.  Jane’s book will be a great guide and companion on your journey.

Anita Wicks RSHom NHF.Dip RGN

Registered Homeopath & Nutritional therapist 


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