Hedged in

The ceanothus by my front gate has grown enormous. The flowers this spring were wonderful, a startling blue that powdered the ground and clung to every passing sleeve that got too close. Originally planted to hide the ugly wheelie bins, it was now attempting to joyfully take over the front garden. On the downside, it was getting increasingly difficult to get in through the gate and we were becoming inaccessible. A supervisee phoned to cancel because her aeroplane was delayed, and two of my group simply forgot to come. The hedged-in, inaccessible feeling increased. I would have to open up my availability both physically and symbolically so I took up my secateurs and went to talk to the ceanothus. I told it how much I had appreciated its beauty this spring and I apologised for the necessity of pruning. When it was done, I swept the path and did some weeding.

Quickie reflection
I noticed the parallels between the garden being less accessible and three supervisees being unable to come for their sessions. Choosing to work with this symbolism, I cut back the shrub to create more space for them to come.

Taking it slowly
This particular symbolism has worked very well for me for many years. If my house and garden are surrounded by thick, thorny hedges, then I am like sleeping beauty, inaccessible for 100 years. So I literally cut the hedge, sweep the path, clean the front door and make sure it opens fully without household paraphernalia blocking the way. This entire process is a concrete visualisation, telling the universe that I’m open and ready to receive more patients or supervisees. The path to my office becomes easy in every sense of the words.

Visualisation is a very powerful tool for asking the universe or God to manifest what you want. It doesn’t need to be done as words, or thought through logically. It works just as well on the symbolic level if your intention is there. The first great advantage of doing something practical, rather than putting your thoughts into words, is being non-specific about what you want. It shows a readiness for change, without naming exactly what you want to happen. This allows the universe to send you something greater than you could have ever imagined.

The second great advantage is that having completed the activity that you set yourself, you know that you have done your part and you don’t think any more about it. The more you think about it, the more you will notice that what you want has not manifested yet. This sends a second visualisation that everything has not happened, which confuses the original message. It is much better to, “let go and let God”.

I wasn’t ready to sacrifice something as beautiful as the ceanothus on the physical level, until it had stopped flowering. As for the mental level, what has been taking up room in my mind? I’ve been setting up this new website.

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